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Directions "on foot" and self drive

ON FOOTTo get here from Livingstone/Lusaka it is best to get an early start, as timing of transport may not be totally reliable once you are in our District. Take the same bus as you would for Lusaka/Livingstone (the first leaves Livingstone at 6am & one every 2hrs after) but only travel with it as far as Choma. From Choma, ask for a minibus that can take you to Maamba. It is important to remember that you need to get to MAAMBA, not Sinazongwe! As you enter the town of Maamba, there is a boom gate across the road. This is the SECOND boom you will have come across with the minibus (do not count any booms on the main Lstone-Lusaka road, only the ones in the Batoka-Maamba road). Ask the driver to drop you at the gate.

There will be a security guard there with a grey uniform. If you ask him to help you get a lift to Siansowa, he will find you the right transport, but it may take some time. Be sure you are on a vehicle that is coming all the way to Siansowa, as if it is a vehicle that turns off somewhere or does not come all the way down the road, you might find yourself stuck. Travel time is not easy to predict, as buses and taxis wait until they are full before departing, but you will get here in the end, and will probably have a lot of fun doing it!

SELF DRIVE From Batoka (on the Livingstone-Lusaka road, 280 km from Lusaka and 220 km from Livingstone) you travel down the escarpment towards Maamba. After 50km you will reach a town called Sinazeze, which you will recognise by the Council barrier as you enter. 1km beyond the town is the main turnoff to Sinazongwe, with a lot of signposts indicating to turn left. DO NOT turn left here, as you need to be going to the village of Siansowa (direction Maamba). We have a brown & white sign here (Kariba Bush Club 57km), the only sign indicating to go straight.

You need to stay on the tar road for another 30km. Our turnoff is indicated by another brown & white sign (Kariba Bush Club 30km), and the road immediately rises over a small hill. From here you will travel on a gravel road for 30km until you reach the game fence and crocodile farm security gate. They will allow you in and direct you to Kariba Bush Club. We have several signs on the dirt road too, but as long as you stay on the maintained and well-used road you are going the right way. Total distance from Lusaka is about 370 km, from Livingstone 330 km.

ROAD CONDITIONS: the 80km of tar road from Batoka to our turnoff (just before the mining town of Maamba) is not in the greatest condition, there are potholes, so drive carefully! It is important to take care whilst traveling through the escarpment as there a good deal of heavy trucks carrying coal from Maamba on this road. The 30km of dirt road to Siansowa is graded after every rainy season, but is also not in the best condition and typically takes around 1 hour to travel. A high clearance / 4x4 vehicle shall be required to reach us during the rainy season (December to April).